Why Buy hMXt?


Like many busy people, managing the review, dissemination and organization of critical information (email, appointments, contacts, files) can be quite time-consuming.

  • ‘Starting your day earlier or finishing later just to keep up with it?
  • ‘Synching changes to your most important computer devices one by one?
  • Does your synching software work right consistently?
  • Ever lost data you couldn’t live without at the worst possible time?
  • Are you paying a business assistant to perform these tasks to stay focused on making money?
  • If you’re CTO, do operations necessitate this technology, yet the costs of installation and management exceed budget?

If you answered “yes” to at least 3 of the questions below, or are CTO considering outsourcing this function to a competent provider at a cost-effective price, HMXT is for you.

Imagine a technology that keeps you connected to your information through your most regularly used computer devices, anytime, anywhere. Whether you receive information, send it or revise it, it’s updated to your other devices [connected to the system] automatically; Eureka! You control who on your team (or within your organization) gets updated of changes to your information; it happens in real time enabling timely collaboration of projects (i.e. revise information and/or document content). In kind, your team members can schedule meetings, project due dates or update information for the team once, on demand. For all these things, there’s no need to sync each device separately because the technology does it for you, whether logging on from a computer or laptop or wirelessly to a smart cell phone in real time. Now all team members and need to know people are abreast of updates to your information as it happens; nifty…very nifty. For the select group of people who need email and limited connectivity to the group, POP email (configured to MS Outlook) is available for less than HMXT.

How much time could this technology save you? What would you do with that time? Is it worth about $10/ month per person to your business?

Large cap companies have owned these systems for years; their costs can exceed five figures annually. The proliferation of small and mid-size companies have brought a small handful of providers to market who offer this system as a rented shared solution to many companies, or as blocks of the system to a single user. CDS sells for one of best, most established providers in the business. They own, host and manage the technology in their Tier 3 data center, keeping your data safe, secure and backed up everyday. Having tested their technology for several weeks before repping it, I know it works flawlessly everyday.

The proliferation of small to medium-size business [worldwide] has pushed HMXT into a commodity service for them. Most hosts sell their services via the Internet, leaving you to identify which plan to buy and set up; their online knowledge base typically offers setup instructions. Some hosts offer remote setup per computer for a small fee.

The technology is known as “Hosted Microsoft Exchange”; I call it HMXT. Microsoft Exchange (MX) technology is nothing new; hosting it (HMXT) is somewhat new. If your business lacks I.T. support, how could you know what plan to buy for today and tomorrow? Which host offers the most reliable, fault tolerant service at the most competitive price? CDS answers these questions for you. Having your most current data, all the time, from anywhere, can notably boost your productivity.

HMXT works the same as MS Outlook (2003 or 2007), yet has all the functionality outlined above. Your computer(s) becomes a terminal to the host’s equipment. I sell subscriptions to HMXT at my cost (about $10/month for 200MB of storage (starter package for a single user), 200MB of MS Sharepoint space is included from 5 users). Activesync to Windows Mobile devices (5.0 or higher) and a licensed copy of MS Outlook (2003 or 2007) per mailbox subscribed is always included. Click HERE for the detailed explanation of this technology, or HERE to the HMXT page at CDS’s website.   ###

(Make note, I’ve a white paper on this topic (Aug 8, 2008) that explains how a service provider can deliver a more effective email and collaboration platform at a lower cost, in a more flexible and predictable manner; enterprises with less than 5,000 mailboxes benefit.  It demonstrates the practical benefits and economic inevitability of switching to hosted solutions for email, calendaring, collaboration and mobility; such benefits increase security, performance, reliability, and up time. The provider I rep is one of the top three in the industry. Please email me for a copy of this informative white paper; sales@cds-connects.com.)