Virtualizing Your I.T. Department Can Improve Performance Cost-Effectively

Oct 3, 2011, March 2, 2009

(excerpt from blog of ATSG, Inc; a provider CDS reps)

According to an article published in the August 4, 2008 issue of InformationWeek, there is a strong trend toward outsourcing core business processes. A Business Process Outsourcing Research Survey recently completed by Tech Web Research found that over a third of the respondents outsource the Information Technology support desk. Other business processes outsourced include HR, accounting and finance. Across the board over 85% of the respondents say outsourcing has been successful in reducing costs, increasing profits and improving the business processes involved.

Outsourcing is not without problems. Ongoing communications, coordination, and performance reviews with vendors are needed. 52% of the Tech Web Research survey respondents who outsourced various business processes reported slower than expected execution, 40% reported problems with customer service, and there were a variety of other concerns.

Steps to realize success. A successful outsourcing engagement starts with defining goals and requirements and, then selecting the vendor. It is critical to involve the key people who will interact with the vendor or use the service in this process. In addition performance metrics should be established defining how the vendor (s) will be evaluated against requirements and goals. These metrics should be used during vendor selection, contract negotiation, and they should be utilized in evaluation of the vendor’s ongoing performance.

With today’s uncertain economy, many businesses are looking for ways to cut costs and preserve or increase profits. An Information Technology (IT) outsourcing solution allows a small or midsized business to leverage the technical infrastructure (people, systems, software, hardware, networks, etc.) of the selected vendor (s) to realize greater benefits and reduce costs and related risks. Outsourcing some or all IT support processes is a decision that may generate immediate financial results and quickly realize operational improvements.

Benefits. Some of the benefits achieved from outsourcing IT processes include greater technical expertise and depth, reduced network downtime, improved computer systems performance, lower telecommunications costs, responsive help desk, and 24 x7 technical support. Greater network security, reliable data back-ups and, comprehensive disaster contingency are capabilities also achieved through outsourcing. Businesses may also outsource IT projects to improve productivity, such as the implementation of new IT applications and technology infrastructure.

If you’re thinking about virtualizing the I.T. department of your company, I offer those services in metro NYC for companies with 7-150 employees; the DC metro area and metro Atlanta can also be served with the assistance of local business partners.  Please ask your executive assistant to click “Request A Consultation” in the upper left of the screen, write “IT from CDS” in the subject line; please fill in your general needs, include your contact information. I’ll reply within 24 hours to arrange an exploratory conference call with you.   Thank you for reading, perhaps I’ll hear from you in the future. ###

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