Hosted Email


Communication Data Meets a Slim Budget

COMMUNICATION DATA [that includes email], IS CRITICAL TO ANY BUSINESS; ITS MANAGEMENT HAS BECOME A COMMODITY: OWN OR RENT. Google Apps * offers robust hosted email from any PC and most smartphones for about $4.17 per month per mailbox. Features include:

  • Email with Malware and Spyware protection, Spam filtering.
  • Comply with company email policies.
  • Search email with keywords or by customized categoryContacts with notes and photos.
  • Email topics are threaded among participants, appearing in single line.
  • Instant Messaging with contacts.
  • Control Themes and Layout.
  • 25GB of storage vs +/-5GB from hosted exchange.
  • Compatible with most web browsers, no software to license or upgrade.
  • Mobile app for most Smartphones eliminates synching to smartphone or computer.

Own. Owning an Exchange server [and BlackBerry Enterprise Server] could cost about $83/mo per mailbox for 5 users. Add about $30/mo per smartphone from your cellular carrier for Enterprise Activation plus maintenance costs (staffing and software).

Rent. Hosted Exchange can average $12/mo per mailbox with 3GB of storage each; add synching and Enterprise Activation costs (about $40/mo). POP email can lower its gross subscription cost, averaging $3.50/mo per mailbox. Overall, hosted Exchange offers corporate style email for lower budgets yet eliminates equipment purchases and maintenance costs; a subscription leverages cash and is worth every penny.

Google Apps. If owning the equipment or subscribing to hosted Exchange is beyond your company’s budget today (whole or in part), Google Apps offers a robust, alternative worth looking over. Click HERE for a 15m video demo, (“Overview of Gmail in Google Apps”). Please contact me if you’d like to discuss implementing Google Apps on a trial basis.  ###

Important note: CDS will become an authorized reseller of Google Apps once I’ve sold the first 25 email accounts; I invite you to work with me to achieve that benchmark.