Telework With Low Cost IT

May 19, 2009

Foreward.  I created CDS to offer businesses with 5-1500 employees the technology benefits that large cap companies enjoy at a cost that smaller companies can afford; I rep nine separate tech services to realize that goal.  Product delivery is enhanced by my no-nonsense, 5 Step Process to help each customer get the technology they need, that performs to expectations consistently, at a low competitive price, free of sales spiels and empty sales promises; liken it to ordering a meal (single product) or placing a catering order (suite of products), yet for technology.  This will be a multi-post article, updated bi-monthly.

Is your company’s location inhibiting its success? Timely commutes, expensive office space, busy lifestyles, expensive costs of living are endured by local merchants and multi-office/state mid-market business alike. Hardware, software and the Internet has enabled many businesses to solve or sidestep these problems. Subscription-based software or hosted services has enabled businesses with 5-1500 employees to accomplish it all, at times within Unified Communications for about 20% of the cost of owning and maintaining the same equipment.

If your I.T. system is expensive and under-performing, subscription-based hosted technology services can solve your dilemma for about 25% of the cost of owning. Before buying hosted services, ask yourself five (5) key questions:

  • What are your performance goals from I.T?
  • Where will your staff work from?
  • How will they access their data?
  • What hardware/software mix will foster long-term, cost-effective productivity?
  • What is your I.T. budget?

Your answers will lead you to the technology architecture your business needs, yet expect to incorporate virtualization within your IT system. Consider these tools: a) Voice & Data pipe, b) Cellular service, c) Devices, d) Software, e) Data Access and Integrity, f) Data Syncing, g) File Sharing, and h) Remote Computing.

a) Voice & Data Pipe. Calls and Internet connectivity have become the circulatory system of companies; without them, communication is stalled. The most important aspects of this tool are anywhere connectivity, bandwidth, throughput and redundancy. (Note: If you have a server farm in-house, an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) may need to be installed.

Anywhere connectivity equates to call routing to where you are or voicemail for retrieval; Unified Communications are facilitating this. Simple UC is available by subscription via a web browser [via a computer and/or smartphone]; robust programmable software is resident on your server.

Bandwidth allows volume, throughput facilitates speed. Services include a basic land line, dedicated lines (T1 to T3 for voice and data), VOIP (voice and data through the Internet) and hosted IP PBX (eliminates conventional PBX switch per location).

Redundancy is a fail-safe expense to keep connectivity reliable (multiple carriers for your data).

I recommend keeping your voice & data pipe simple, reliable and cost effective. Part 2, Cellular Service, will be posted in 2 weeks. ###

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