Business Needs Drive Technology Investments


Since I launched CDS in March 2008, I’ve been saying how technology is a tool to accomplish more work with fewer resources and less effort. Subscription-based technologies offer access to robust technology within a fixed budget; it’s flexible, safe, reliable and scalable. When considering investing in technology, clearly identify four key elements:

  • Determine. What business to technology capabilities are needed to meet short and long-term objectives?

  • Prepare. What processes will be installed to improve communications and educate your staff about each component?

  • Decide. What internal/external capabilities are needed to realize defined business strategies?

  • Expectations. What do you expect to achieve from the technology you’re to invest in?

I highly recommend discussing these elements among unit division heads AND I.T. leadership; the process will define the short and long-term objectives you’re seeking to meet. If you’re considering investing in I.T. services, subscription-based (hosted) services are worth looking at; please contact me to discuss them. It will lead to my assembling a list of the services that meet the answers to these four key elements.

* Excerpted from Business Requirements Should Drive Technology Investments, by Diana Mirakaj, SVP of Corp Devel at BTM Corporation.

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