On-Demand “Special Teams” Can Help Navigate Change

As CEO, you realize your business faces changes to expand, contract or reorganize. The members of your e-suite have a depth of knowledge to navigate your organization to success, yet they admit that working neck deep in the business has narrowed their view of the niches served [by the company]. The outside service providers you’ve been paying for several years or more have served your organization well, yet you’d like a second opinion to help guide you making critical decisions.

You (and some of your e-suite members) agree that it may be a worthwhile effort (and perhaps low investment) to discuss your operating issues with a team of established experts to hear fresh, independent, unbiased advice about how your company will realize its future operating goals.  That may include improving:

  • Sales, sales process, your service and its delivery
  • Strategic plan and Business Processes
  • Marketing message, distribution and feedback channels for attraction and retention of customers
  • IT infrastructure to enable information exchange and interact with customers
  • Operating costs, management of finances
  • Legal protections and leverage
  • Risk management resources
  • Employee Benefits structure

I assembled a “Special Teams” of established subject matter experts to listen to operating issues and strategic plans of small businesses like yours, analyze what’s been said, then offer solutions that will drive your company forward and up. This team helps you realize the goals of your organization through information gathering, advice and special projects; their help is not a consulting effort. Team specialties include:

If you agree to meet with the team, an exploratory meeting is held in a closed conference room for 60-120 minutes for a fixed fee; it can be subject to a Non-Disclosure Agreement [signed by the team] upon beginning the meeting. This meeting is your time to outline your organization’s status, goals and strategic planning. The team and I will review what you’ve said, in-private over 1-2 weeks, and reply with written advice of how to help you. It will include a time and fee for future engagement; you decide how to handle the advice. Choices to implement change will include:

  1. Hire the team (in-whole or in-part) to implement their advice with your e-suite members;
  2. Hire the team to work in-tandem with your outsourced providers;
  3. Implement change with your incumbent resources, thanking us for our time and advice.

Overall, you benefit from discussing the status of your business discretely with established experts who can understand and empathize with your position; we assemble advice with an action plan to realize the goals you’ve laid out. If you’re interested in meeting with this “Special Teams”, please contact me to schedule an initial discussion. The Team and I look forward to hearing from you. ###

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