Cyber Security

Is your enterprise network safe? No enterprise network is free from threats, whether those threats face your network appliances or from within. It includes servers, computers for staff, devices within your network, software prevalent within your enterprise, physical access to your enterprise. The best posture comes from a strong defense: 1) Know what’s coming at you, 2) When it happened, 3) Who it happened to.


Block it from exiting, permeating through, or re-entering your network; respond as quickly as the severity of the threat dictates with the resources you have, contain the problem promptly; track threat incidents to your enterprise with a database to identify trends and respond better to repeat attacks. Experience, academics, maturity and keeping organized, delivers reliable enterprise cyber security performance.


RiSe offers this service to organizations with a minimum of 1,000 nodes that operate within a 30 mile radius of midtown New York City; our business partners serve as Subject Matter Experts to build infrastructure and handle all technical issues; they hold the most prevalent certifications in cybersecurity, CISSP, CISA, GCIH.  The service is a 6 month contract and includes:

  • 1 month: assess your security status, present a strategic and tactical plan to execute;
  • A CRM system to track incidents and alerts;
  • 4 months to execute plans, including Incident and Alerts review and response.
  • Review of Penetration testing of IP addresses selected.
  • 1 month to prepare a handoff to your staff or arrange a management agreement with us.

Contact Us today for a free 45 minute consultation in your office.

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