Cybersecurity for Small and Medium Businesses

Most Small to Medium size Enterprises (SME’s) will experience a cybersecurity incident within their business that has a moderate to dramatic negative effect on their business. Repair costs and downtime are remembered.

The best way to avoid/mitigate the effects of a cybersecurity incident is by having the following:

  • Network endpoints are monitored;
  • Have a remediation plan to implement that meets company resources;
  • Keep software patched with the most current security patches that work with your apps;
  • Have Unified Threat Management system (UTM) to defend your endpoints and network.

If your company doesn’t have this system and/or no staff manage it, outsource it for a comparable rate to staff it

The likelihood of these incidents are real due to bandwidth/speed of broadband, connecting with known good websites that are infected, and being victimized by social engineering. Zero Day events (incidents without a fix or signature available), are becoming more common, making unmanaged firewalls, unmanaged system group policy settings and signature based shield/defense tools defenseless. (I work in this space and see these threats occurring weekly.)

RiSe Solutions’ Cyber Security Team can noticeably lower the threat surface of your network:  An initial assessment is the foundation to recommend a cybersecurity infrastructure and policy.

  • Assess your network;
  • Identify your threat surface;
  • Identify how information flows to/from/across your network;
  • What layers shield/defend/remediate incidents;
  • How you respond to incidents;
  • How timely/effective your incident responses are;
  • How your staff and financial resources meet your cybersecurity needs.

This assessment report is the foundation from which to recommend a scope, schedule and budget to meet the cybersecurity needs your business should have. The rate is $25/hour and takes about 2 business days (from research to presenting the completed report.) to complete.

If you like this concept and would consider working with RiSe Cyber Security Team, please click “Request a Consultation” in right of the screen; put “Cyber Security Team” in the subject line, give brief details of your goals and include your contact information. I reply within 24 hours. Thanks for your attention. ###

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