IT for SoHO Office

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Setting up IT services for an office of three to seven people can raise questions of matching equipment with use types, budget and technical support. What if you could buy service for a fixed price, off-the-shelf, to relocate your network and keep you running smooth? That’s a few less details to deal with, including how to support your new location. Imagine the time savings of outsourcing the IT for your office to an established, reliable brand?

RiSe Solutions “ITP” offers this multi-point service. Plan early to identify your IT needs (eg. equipment, telco carrier, gold image, phones, file storage, business continuity.)

  • We backup data to ensure file integrity during the move. You transport your computer equipment to the new office. We install your infrastructure far ahead of your go-live date to allow for testing and fine tuning to make it turn-key ready.
  • Install a UPS in your electrical closet, a firewall in front of your router, and cybersecurity software within your gold image to ensure computing safety of your network and endpoints.
  • Source/manage a low voltage contractor to wire your space for voice, data and setup phone equipment for VOIP service.
  • Install vulnerability assessment tools to ensure all your software remains patched timely to minimize vulnerabilities.
  • We can facilitate remote access for your staff to telework as needed needed.
  • Recommend cloud-based email and document Software-as-a-Service to avoid software licensing and patch management.
  • We recommend or setup cloud storage to manage your document portfolio and business continuity off-grid to ensure access to your business documents from anywhere at anytime.
  • We can offer a premise or cloud based CRM or ERP to keep track of your customers (and related documents), orders, bookeeping and billing.

Whether you operate one office or more, the setup is the same. We can give each office access to the same cloud services to facilitate collaboration and productivity between locations, phones included. We’re insured to enter the property you rent and to touch your equipment. RiSe Solutions ITP is applicable to:

  • SoHO business users
  • Insurance, CPA or Legal offices
  • Collection or billing offices
  • Real Estate offices that rent or sell property or for property management field offices.
  • General contractors
  • Community medical providers

Fee structure.

  • Free assessment (includes 30 minute site visit and written assessment)
  • 1x Project Management and Install fee (time x staff)
  • Flat rate managed IT services (covers 3-7 computers, 1 server, firewall and phones)

Moving your IT and planning for its performance takes planning and preparedness. RiSe ITP works best when you plan 12 months in advance; planning enables us to meet with you, assess your needs succinctly and prepare a fair estimate. If you’re interested to learn more, please fill out “Request A Consultation” at the right of the screen, write “RiSe ITP” in the subject line, post your contact information plus the number of machines to move in the body of the message. I reply within 24 hours to schedule a call to discuss your interest. Thanks you for investing time to learn about RiSe Solutions ITP; perhaps I’ll hear from you soon. ###


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