Software Firewall

Experiencing too much unwanted activity browsing the Internet? Endless pop-ups, jumps to websites, vulnerability messages, download requests (or unwanted downloads). If you’re a small business with less than 15 employees, most quality pop-up blockers will curb this activity, yet a Software Firewall may end it to facilitate a homogenous browsing experience. The Software Firewall works behind your network card, in front of your AntiVirus app (AV). Currently, some better quality AV suppliers incorporate a firewall into the app’s features; it helps the AV perform its defense functions better.

Unwanted Content Blocked

The bandwidth and speed available from broadband allows us to receive the quick and rich content we experience (and have come to expect) from our browsers; unfortunately the bad guys benefit from it. Pop-up blockers in browsers help cut this traffic somewhat, yet category markers in the content can be blocked best by a self-set Software Firewall; it’s installed to each device as any software would.

The Software Firewall has sensitivity settings (“heuristics”) of High, Moderate, Low or Monitor, to automatically block categories (“blacklist”) and ask you to allow a category it doesn’t recognize (“exceptions”). The Exceptions feature allows you to input/save websites you visit often (“whitelist”) or avoid websites you learned are malicious (“blacklist”)

Time Restrictions. Feature that allows web-browsing during certain times of day; useful to protect your network and devices from malicious content or threats when you want to avoid them.

Other settings.

  • Safe Search. Further filters safe searches and filters streaming content that may be malicious or inappropriate. Gives a search page or bar to perform searches safely per the settings of the Firewall.
  • Block by keyword. Set the firewall to block browsing attempts by keyword searches.

Auto Update. The Software Firewall will update its blacklist and patch itself automatically as they’re released.

Password. Keep an admin password in a safe place to refer to revise the functions of the Software Firewall or view reports of browsing history, by computer, by browsing category.

In sum, broadband gives us cause to be more vigilant in protecting our computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. A reliable defense is to install an off-shelf Firewall device (i.e. Sonicwall) behind your Gateway (router) (replace it yearly to keep the threat list current), keep your browser’s pop-up blocker on, use a Software Firewall, leave your AntiVirus on (to detect and block, clean or delete threats and update automatically), delete unexpected messages that are suspicious, keep your personal data to yourself, backup your important data to a cloud-based storage site or external hard drive that’s always powered. These layers of safe computing will keep your browsing experience homogenous and your device safe to use.

If you’re interested in installing a Software Firewall for your small business, please click Request a Consultation at the upper right of the screen, fill out “Cybersecurity Software Firewall” in the subject line, include your email signature in the message body; I reply within 24hours to arrange a conference call. Thanks for reading. ###.

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