Paperless Document Management

prepared in collaboration with Nareg H of Dynamic Documents Services

documents-iconvista-filecabinetIf your business is document-heavy, document management becomes a scalable cost (i.e. furniture, imaging equipment, suppliers and knowledge work) to manage the flow and retrieval of data. (This means spending more money and time to capture, index, archive and process that growing pool of information.)

There’s a risk that those scalable costs (and labor) can escalate beyond expectations, slowing daily productivity and burning working capital. Plan ahead to ELIMINATE numerous paper-related costs like paper reams, printing, shipping, storage, etc. BY GOING PAPERLESS.

A simple, hierarchical tree digital infrastructure can manage document storage and retrieval with a search engine to find documents easily/quickly as volume grows. Imagine the savings in time and materials to make your document management system efficient, effective and budgetable.

digital-file-storage-iconAn ECM (Enterprise Content Management aka Electronic Document Management) system transforms and streamlines manual business processes of document management. Documents and data can be captured from multiple sources, filing and indexing is automated and instantaneous.  Information in those documents and [business] records are available immediately for your staff to reference and act upon; access permissions maintain document integrity and security.

Once in the repository, documents can be found instantly, without leaving your desk, by using the ECM system’s powerful search functionality. Imagine finding a document as easy as using an Internet search bar; lost productivity from finding documents (misplaced or lost) is eliminated!

This digital document repository is highly secure, backed up, and accessible by any employee with access permissions to the database from anywhere (e.g. pc, laptop, tablet, smartphone). Working with digital documents is much more secure and cost effective than working with paper documents.

ECM systems are also equipped with business process automation (BPA) capabilities to automate manual processes (i.e. workflow automation, electronic forms processing and task management monitoring); this can free-up work hours, facilitating daily productivity to focus on revenue generating activities. ECM BPA will enable your business to run faster, smarter and leaner, with less resources, and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.

return on investmentThe initial investment of an ECM typically yields a full ROI within 2-3 years. Imagine eliminating scalable costs of document management, giving your staff free time to focus on revenue generating activities, accessing your documents from anywhere, and if your business moves, the cost savings of moving filing furniture to only moving 1 server and computers (no server for cloud-version).

If you’d like to learn more, please fill out the “Request a Consultation” form at the base of this screen, putting “Paperless ECM” in the subject line. I’ll reply within 24hrs to arrange an exploratory conference call with you. Thanks for reading; perhaps I’ll hear from you soon. ###

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